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CBS Miami

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A huge celebration was held Friday at Dillard High School to honor the girls varsity basketball team, and their coach, who has the most wins of any Florida high school basketball coach.

The big celebration was held for the members of the Panthers girls team after they won their fourth in-a-row state championship last week.

The entire student body was in attendance for the honor.

The women tell us being a part of the team teaches them about more than just sports, it prepares them for life. They told CBS4’s Ted Scouten that they live by a simple motto, inspired by their coach Marcia Pinder: “Determination and hard work daily equals success.”

And the women tell us another advantage of playing on the team. Almost everyone goes to college, usually on a scholarship.

Coach Pinder says academics come first.  If you succeed in the classroom, you…

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