Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

101.1 The Wiz



New York radio personality DJ Envy is experiencing his skeletons being ripped from his closet. Recently, model/reality star Erica Mena said she had had an affair with DJ Envy right before she started dating her manager Rich Dollaz.  Envy, after denying it for a while, has finally come clean and confirmed the affair to be true.

DJ Envy confessed to the affair earlier this morning on his radio show with The Breakfast Club. He said it was his own insecurities that led him astray and he apologized to his wife Gia Casey, who is pregnant with their child. While copping pleas, DJ Envy called Erica Mena a “bird” and a “liar.” Envy said on air, “It’s a difficult thing to do. Sometimes being married it makes you insecure dude. I looked like I had everything. It was scary, my wife is gorgeous. She might need somebody that’s…

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