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Red Carpet at Grammys

Red Carpet at Grammys

Frank Ocean has found ways to make headlines to spike his recent album sales.

What you’re going to get from me is I think EVERYTHING in entertainment is more than what the Public Relations Team releases to the public. Hence the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean parking lot situation (which he supposedly instigated) and the artistic method of announcing to the world his sexual preference, regarding his announcement. All promotional tactics.

One thing we can never doubt is his talent and genius of song writing. Working with the likes of Beyonce, Kanye West, and Jay-Z, you have to have some sort of greatness to you.

His Grammy performance, like the show, embodied the recent lack-luster productions that the Grammy’s have presented over the recent years. He blamed it on the technical malfunctions but we all know we don’t love Frank Ocean for his vocals, we love him for his type and deliver of his music. #BOOM

WWF Cover

Entertainment Weekly Cover



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