Posted: February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Amber Goldsmith

The following is a letter, or opinion piece, not yet sent to the University Press regarding Professor James Tracy of Sandy Hook “controversial” fame. I decided instead to post it to my blog.

Dear Editor,

Recently I read the three Letters to the Editor regarding Mr. James Tracy, a professor at FAU.

As a student at FAU, a professional writer, and a journalist, I, too, like Ms. Murphy, support free speech, critical thinking, and skepticism. However, Ms. Murphy overlooked one crucial fact: Professor Tracy’s blog, in a journalistic aspect, counts as an opinion piece, and should be considered as such. Furthermore, FAU representatives have confirmed that Tracy’s views in no way reflect or represent those of the college itself.

I, too, present an opinion piece of my own: Professor James Tracy should not be fired, but lauded for encouraging critical thinking and displaying courage to exercise his right to free…

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