Breath Of Originality to the Masses

The B.O.O.M in B.O.O.M. Media Group stands for Breath Of Originality to the Masses and that is exactly our focal point; using our creativity and innovation to make events that no one has ever seen or experienced. Perform CPR to what is already prevalent and create events that no one has ever seen. B.M.G throws one of a kind event and as…sists with other events whether it requires raising awareness through all outlets of promotion, booking disc jockeys, models, photographers or hosts. Tired of seeing half executed events, events that could have been epic, Edwin Jacques seen the need of innovation, a way to spice up events and nightlife as we know it. With the need of a direct line between all the colleges in the United States and their Greek life, B.M.G was created on June 13, 2012 by Edwin “KarismatiK” Jacques.

.:Breathe Of Originality to the Masses:.
@BOOMmediaGroup @SirEdWinsAlot

Submit your schedules or events

***Breathing fresh air into YOUR life***
—Tying College life all across the entire nation.
—YOUR spot for news that YOU really want to hear
—Book DJ’s for your event
—Promote/Raise Awareness for your events
—Book Models for your event
—Book Hosts for your events


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